Friday, October 15, 2010

The History of the Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Part 9

Continued from The History of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Detroit, Michigan Part 8 (Golden Jubilee book 1912-1962)

"After the war this parish responded generously to the many charitable appeals as: Catholic League for the Religious Assistance to Poland; for Polish orphans; for Polish War Veterans; for Polish American Congress; for Students at Orchard Lake, etc. The hearts of the Assumptionists were generous.

The cause of Poland was and is dear to the heart of the people of Assumption. this was evident by the warm reception given to General Haller during his visit in 1940.

For the splendid work among his people the church authority rewarded the pastor of Assumption with monsignorship and appointed him to the Board of Consultors, of the diocese.

This gradual rise in esteem with his parishioners and church authority ended in a fatal accident the First Friday of May 12, 1960.

The third pastor Rev. John Krause was appointed June 24th, 1960. Official installation took place the first Sunday of July. This was followed with a warm reception.

Since then, a systematic program of repair, improvement and decoration is in progress: a new roof on the school; fire proofing of the school; new fire alarm system; redecorating of the Convent Chapel; redecorating of the church, vestibule, sanctuary, and altars; electrifications of the church to modern standards; modernizing the confessionals and installing hearing aids. Church atmosphere was added by installing stained glass windows in the sanctuary of the church.

To give service to our people who have moved out of the district, bus service was initiated by transporting children to and from school. It will be continued for 1962-63 school year.

Extra charity work is done this year by hosing in two classrooms the diocesan mentally retarded children. As Christians we are to have compassion for others. This project should certainly warrant the Lord's blessing on the parish.

A Sunday bulletin, "Assumption Messenger", was introduced September 1960. It serves as the extended arm of the pulpit. It helps to give information that would be too lengthy to announce in church. The bulletin certainly decreased the number of phone calls as: "What time will my Mass be said?" Our people have, by means of the "Messenger", more information of the parish activity.

Another active charitable group in the parish is the Assumption Parish Goodfellows. They solicit funds before Christmas to give Christmas baskets to the poor.  Their work was so outstanding that they took first place among the Polish parishes for some years, that is, they solicited the largest sum than any other parish. In 1961 they did it again. The record speaks for itself.

Serving the needs of the souls of the parish; administering the sacraments; teaching the Gospel of Christ, and training the minds of our children; is that for which Assumption is striving for the greater glory of God in this Golden Jubilee year."

This concludes the history of the parish as written in the Silver and Golden Jubilee books. To my knowledge, there is no published history of the parish covering the years from the Golden Jubilee until the parish closed (1962-1989). If anyone is aware of a 75th anniversary/jubilee book for the parish (1987) please let me know in a comment below.

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  1. Jasia, You've done a great service for the history of your parish that many probably don't know, by transcribing (I guess this, too would be called an amanuensis--right?) this history from The Golden Jubilee. I wasn't raised Catholic but we had a VERY active parish, St. Mel's on Chicago's West Side, a neighborhood that fell to a tragic end of riots and destruction to re-emerge better, but still beaten, after years of city neglect and helped by my former Lutheran church which started Bethel New Life, one of the most impressive community organizations in the country. Still, a long hard slog. I love how you make your photos fade into background and then type over. How do you do that? Is this Word Press or BLogger? PS Thanks for the nice comment. We'll see what happens.