Thursday, October 14, 2010

The History of the Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Part 8

The History of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Detroit, Michigan from the Golden Jubilee book (1912-1962):

"The difficult beginning of the Assumption parish is in detail in the Polish version (see History of the Parish parts 1-7): their trials and harships. This parish became a necessity by the influx of Poles in great numbers. The ordinary of the diocese appointed Father Constantine Dziuk as organizer and first pastor. Charter members worked with heart and soul cooperating with their new pastor. For lack of housing, Fr. Dziuk lived with the Peter Maciejewski family until the rectory was constructed. In the pudding lies the proof. Two sons of this family later became Franciscan monks. Such was his influence.

Land was procured; the first combination church-school was erected. School doors opened in September of 1913. The Felician Sisters conducting the school were housed in the same building. Assumption had growing pains. An addition was constructed to alleviate congestion. In the process of the construction of the new addition, Bishop Gallagher promoted Fr. Dzuik to St. Louis parish and appointed Father Adalbert Żądała successor in December of 1919. The second pastor completed the new addition. Four years later, 1923, he constructed the spacious Sister' convent. Simultaneously the second addition to the church-school combination was added, namely, a convenient entrance and vestibule. A few years later the debt was paid and mortgage was burned. The parish reached its peak of expansion in 1938 - 1939 with 1628 children in the school and over 3000 families as parishioners.

World War II began in 1939 and after some time the U.S. was drawn into the conflict. Just as other citizens responded to their obligation of service to their country, so too did Assumption parish. It has a glorious page in this history. Seven hundred thirty eight boys and young ladies gave service to their country. Among them were two chaplains, Father Venanty Szymanski and Fr. Casimir Lutomski. Of the flower of youth of the parish, 27 men gave the supreme sacrifice. Among these was Pvt. John Lyskawa, after whom a V.F.W. Post is named.

Social activities arose to a high degree. The proof of them are 14 existing trophies and a plaque for championship in bowling, basketball, baseball, and scouting. Boy Scout activity went on to reach a new high and to gain glory for the parish.

Graduates of Assumption are numerous. Assumption has its share of successful people in various professions and trades. The rudiments of Catholic doctrine for a good Catholic life were instilled here. After 50 years we look up the ladder of attainments and the fruits of hard labor of Priests and Nuns are evident"

To Be Continued...

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