The parish history can be found in a series of articles here.

The order and time of work of the various curate priests in the parish of Assumption (1912-1962) was as follows:


Rev. Konstanty Dzuik from 1912-1919

Rt. Rev. Albertus (Wojciech) Ządała from 1919-1960

Rev. John Krause from 1960 - ?


Father Anastazy Polanowski from June 1915 to April 1918.

Father Zygmunt Dziatkiewicz from April 1918 to December 1919.

Father Bernard Ciesielski from December 1919 to September 1920.

Father Augustyn Kruś from September 1920 February 1922.

Father Szymon Kilar from February 1922 to September 1922.

Father Józef Górski from September 1922 to January 1925.

Father Edward Miotke from December 1923 to February 1932, 1938-1948.

Father Józef Naperalski from February 1926 to September 1926.

Father Stanisław Kilar from August 1927 to 1938.

Father Bolesław Parzych from June 1932 to July 1933.

Father Victor Dominas from 1933 to 1939

Father Casimir Lutomski from 1939 to 1943

Father Francis Łukasiewicz from 1943 to 1949

Father Leonard Makulski from 1948 to 1953

Father Francis Wahowiak from 1949 to 1955

Father Charles Sonnenfeld from 1953 to 1954

Father J. Piekoszewski from 1954 to 1955

Father Jerome Szelc in 1955

Father Francis Szaniawski from 1955 to 1957

Father Francis Maliszewski from 1957 to 1960

Residence Priests:

Rev. Arthur Krawczak from 1956 to 1960

Rev. Eugene M. Mrocka from 1960 to ?
Sunday Assistance:

Rev. Roman Klafkowski
    Superiors at Assumption BVM School:

    S.M. Martin
    S.M. Berarda
    S.M. Adelia
    S.M. Leandra
    S.M. Frumencia
    S.M. Jeremia
    S.M. Cyprian
    S.M. Konstancja
    S.M. Modesta
    S.M. Juvenalia
    S.M. Waclawa
    S.M. Graciana
    S.M. Apolonia
    S.M. Arcadia
    S.M. Janet
      Vocations From Assumption BVM: 

      S.M. Dulcia (Clementine Mallon)
      S.M. Paschazia (Philomena Pikulski)
      S.M. Aniela ( Anna Latosiewicz)
      S.M. Lauretta (Frances Klassa)
      S.M. Edmundine (Eleonore Hoffman)
      S.M. Deodata (Josephine Kuligowski)
      S.M. Anisia (Agnes Nowak)
      S.M. Berarda (Hedwig Osinski)
      S.M. Michael (Anna Malek)
      S.M. Salome (Julia Sadrakulska)
      S.M. Romuald (Celine Zelmanski)
      S.M. Marguerite (Pearl Niedzwiecki)
      S.M. Patricia (Cecilia Fyszynska)
      S.M. Eileen (Helen Malolepsza)
      S.M. Ludwina (Franciscan)
      Sister Yvonne Urbaniak (Novice)
      Sister Carolyn Niebrzydowski (a postulant)
      Sister Barbara Puziol (aspirant at Felician Academy)
      S.M. Ewalda (Frances Butki) Jozefinka
      S.M. Leocadia (Janina Butki) Jozefinka
      Rev. Stephen Trepczynski (former pastor of St. Andrew's)
      Rev. Joseph Napieralski, R.I.P.
      Rev. Peter Wyrzykowski, R.I.P.

      Rev. Edward Sobczak (pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka, Wyandotte)

      Rev. Venanty Szymanski (pastor of St. Angela, Roseville)

      Rev. Clemens Stolinski, R.I.P.

      Rev. Arthur Steslicki (Ass't pastor of St. Cyril of Jerusalem)
      Rev. Nathaniel Maciejewski, O.F.M. (St. Francis Mission - Greenwood, MS)

      Rev. Peter Maciejewski, O.F.M. (St. Francis Mission - Greenwood, MS)

      Brother Seraphim Walega (Cisterian Order of Trappists, Getsemane, KY)

      Brother Ludger Klossa (Trappist, St. Louis, MO)
        This information was compiled from the parish Silver and Golden Jubilee books. I've included what photos were in the jubilee books. If you have photos of others clergy from the parish and would like to share those please email me at imjasia at yahoo dot com. Also, if you have any information about the clergy affiliated with the parish after 1962, please email me as well.